Itzamara Machado

I'm a San Antonio based digital designer pursuing my passions in design and technology.

A little about me...

I’m a digital designer with a degree in interior design. My experiences make me a dynamic individual that can bring a unique point of view to different projects. I discovered my passion for design in college where I graduated with a degree in interior design. I have a strong sales background that has trained me to communicate thoughts and ideas efficiently. I’m excited to share some of my casework and fun projects here. Feedback is always welcome! I know there is always room to grow, and I will never stop learning; I like to receive constructive criticism to improve as a person and professional. 

Outside of work I am a huge foodie and I love to travel! My favorite type of food is Mexican seafood. On my personal roadmap I've visited 21 different states, 5 different countries and counting! I'm hoping to visit Alaska and Japan in these next few years. At home, I like to do different crafts on my Cricut and occasionally watercolor with a glass of wine. During my commute, I enjoy listening to audiobooks and podcasts while I drive. Some interesting finds have been Game of Thrones (long but worth it!), User Friendly (informative with a captivating narrator), and The Joe Rogan Experience (my go-to since there is always interesting new perspectives). Overall, I am very open-minded and love to collaborate to spark new ideas. If you want to connect, please reach out!

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