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Just here pursuing my passions in design and technology. Feel free to watch and follow my creative journey or contribute to it by reaching out!


Silver Battery

This company targets people looking to kickstart a career in the tech industry. They may be new to the workforce or looking to change career paths. Their design focuses on a streamlined approach to education with extra features like a profile to interact with the community and start a job search.

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Puppy Match

Adopting a new pet has never been easier. View different adoptable pets in the area and see which ones you might be a good fit with! This app is modeled after dating apps using features like swipes and likes. After finding a match you can connect with different adoption agencies in the area.

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A luxury furniture brand offers unique furniture pieces to customers. They have a streamlined web experience that features best sellers and in stock pieces. With customer service in mind a chat function connects customers with a live representative to assist with any questions necessary.

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