Adopting a new pet has never been easier. View different adoptable pets in the area and see which ones you might be a good fit with! This app is modeled after dating apps using features like swipes and likes. After finding a match you can connect with different adoption agencies in the area.


Puppy Match is an app that Primarily helps match adoptable pets with potential pet owners. Both adoption agencies and pet owners can create a profile for their pooch to become adopted. Similar to a dating app there is a swiping feature for selecting pets in your area. If you are already a proud pet owner, there is a setting to connect with other pet owners if your buddy needs a playmate! This is also a wonderful way for humans to meet new friends virtually and connect with other like-minded pet owners.

My Role

Visual Designer, Concept


Figma, Pencil & Paper

Target Audience

Pet Owners, Animal Lovers

Here is my process...


The concept for this project originated by my personal search for a future pet. I finally saw pet finder and knew there was a great opportunity to create a new app with further capabilities to connect humans with their future pets, and also bring together like-minded pet owners just looking to hang out at pet friendly spots!

Petfinder: Does a pretty good job of narrowing down your search by adjusting different filter options. you get a cute little profile blurb about the pet and the ability to heart and contact their organization/current owner. I couldn't help but notice the similarities to dating profiles on dating apps, so I looked to those apps for inspiration on this app design.

Petfinder Profile Example

Tinder: Has a great swiping capability (some have even said it's addictive) and it works really easily. Swipe right to heart and left to say no thanks. There is a messaging option to continue conversations with people you have matched with.

Bumble: Has a similar feature with swiping. the design appears a bit more cohesive with the brand and it gives it a very cute experience.

Tinder & Bumble Profiles Example


I start off jotting ideas for a user journey and a quick sketch on how I want the main profile to look.

Puppy Match Sketches

Low-fidelity Wireframes

Shortly after sketches I create some low-fidelity wireframes to show placement and basic features.

Puppy Match Low-Fidelity Wireframes

High Fidelity Prototype

After creating some low-fidelity wireframes I get started on high-fidelity mockups for testing and feedback.

Puppy Match High-Fidelity Prototype


Messaging: Once you connect with a potential pet or new human friend match you can message them to learn more about the process and meet up in person once you feel comfortable.

Puppy Match High-Fidelity Prototype

Stay Tuned for Feedback!

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